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QSL Print progress online!

    Exclusive to Cool QSL, you can trace the progression of the work done on your QSL! With each order there is a progress bar showing the work done on your QSL. It's possible to receive by e-mail regular info indicating the updates to your QSL design. Non of our competitors offer this type of customer service. Temporary discactivated.

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Tonga DX-ped



QSLs with Your QSO from *.adi

    New kind of QSL in offer. You can order cards filled with your QSO's from adi file. No more hand writing, no more labels, ready cards to send out. Great quality, fast printing and low price. Good offer for those who want to have fast QSL with QSO's. 4-6 QSO on each one. Visit pricelist

New QSL cards in offer Top QSLs

    I invite you to check our new price list of QSL cards.
Have you an idea for a custom cards? Contact us, we can do everything and even more :)

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We have launched the online store with some of our products. We invite you to read the offer on gadgets, mugs, t-shirts and many more. You can purchase through the store QSL

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Rubber Stamps for QSL

We offer interesting rubber stamps. Our stamps are 20000 bounce without refilling ink or 7 years of use. It uses a special ink that does not dry out the stamps. Standard stamps R17 is a typical "verified by". Visit price list.


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